Supporting Strategic Growth Through Identifying, Qualifying And Securing A Pipeline Of Opportunities

  • 250+

    Bids completed each year

  • 89%

    Avg. quality scores last quarter

  • £500m+

    Contract value secured each year

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Bespoke Benefits

Regularly winning bids can provide significantly increased annual revenues and sustainable business growth. We help to realise efficiencies through bid management best practice as we steadily decrease the cost of capture for the opportunity.

Our model comes at a lower cost and higher quality than recruiting internally. Bespoke Bids can save you time and money by providing your business with year-round availability and improved bid management capacity.

  • Bid Sourcing

    By trained researchers who tailor their sourcing to your needs so you never miss an opportunity.

  • Bid Qualification

    Consult with expert senior bid managers who have over £3bn in combined wins so that you only bid for what you can win.

  • Bid Management and Writing

    Access an expert bid management team with over 100 years combined experience and an average of 89% in quality scores last quarter.

Our process

How it works

Continuous improvement is at the heart of the bid management cycle.

  1. Pre-bid activities – Pre-bid activities involve initial research, competitor analysis, and understanding client requirements to lay the groundwork for a successful bid.
  2. Bid preparation and planning – This step entails comprehensive planning, including strategy development, role assignments, budgeting, and risk assessment, to ensure a well-organised bid process.
  3. Bid production – The bid production phase focuses on creating the bid document, encompassing content drafting, visual elements, and appendices, all tailored to meet bid specifications.
  4. Review and submission – After thorough review and quality assurance processes, the bid document is packaged, ensuring compliance and completeness, and is submitted within stipulated deadlines.
  5. Washup – The washup phase involves evaluating the entire bid process, analysing strengths and weaknesses, gathering client feedback, and using insights to refine future bid strategies and processes.


Happy clients

  • The support was fantastic.

    Their work was fast, accurate and professional in every way. Even when I couldn’t get the final bid submitted properly, the bid writer stayed to help me until 8pm on a Friday! I have no hesitation in recommending Bespoke.

    Marie Kearns — Director Harmony House
  • We worked together very well and won the Tender.

    This was the first time engaging a bid manager and surely we were very anxious. The team we worked with was very professional made the process easier than we thought. We worked together very well and won the Tender.

    Nyasha C Banhire — Director 24/7 Support UK Ltd

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