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JC Watson Mechanical is one of the UK’s foremost air conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical services companies, providing a range of services to clients throughout the South-East. They are approved contractors within the NHS, multiple local authorities and a plethora of private corporate entities.

JC Watson were submitting around 12-15 bids per year but despite their evident ability to successfully deliver high-quality services, bids were not being won with the frequency or regularity required.

They therefore reached out to Bespoke Bids with a view to procuring some support with their bidding for the following 12 months.

Sales Director, Jack Bolton spoke with JC Watson to discuss their requirements before proposing a Growth Programme as the best fit for their needs.

As JC Watson had been bidding fairly consistently, we were confident that the volume and regularity of tenders would be sufficient enough to sustain an ongoing partnership. With an emphasis on continuous improvement, efficiency and success maximisation over time, the Growth Programme was the ideal solution.

We therefore discussed options before agreeing to support JC Watson’s bidding exclusively on a 12-month, 12-bid contract.

Our Bid Director and the Lead consultant for the project travelled down to Essex to hold a face-to-face kick-off workshop and we have worked seamlessly with the team at JC Watson ever since, supporting 8 bids and carrying a 100% success rate so far (some results still pending).

Beyond the more seamless relationship that a Growth Programme brings, we are also able to offer a range of additional benefits including increased efficiencies, cost savings, inter-bid learning and bid library curation, ensuring that we not only add value during live bid projects but also more holistically.

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