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Our senior management team comprises a range of seasoned industry experts with extensive experience in strategic planning, business development, and bid management.

Managing Director

Leon Bright

Leon is the driving force behind our organisation, with a resolute dedication to achieving success for both our team and clients. He brings a wealth of bidding experience and a relentless drive to achieve excellence in all facets of our operations. He is passionate about nurturing a culture of growth, teamwork, and unwavering client focus.

Sales Director

Jack Bolton

Jack has been with Bespoke Bids since year one and has been instrumental in the company’s rapid growth to date. Following years of winning bids as a consultant he now leads the business development team. His extensive knowledge of public sector procurement allows him to deliver expert advice to our clients in their pursuit of bidding success. Jack’s passion for fostering long-lasting client relationships and his dedication to understanding customer needs have been instrumental in shaping our customer-centric approach.

Operations Director

Joanne Pease

Jo leads our delivery function with a focus on organisational excellence and client satisfaction. With a background in complex cyber security bids and experience spanning diverse industries, Jo has a passion for optimising processes, deploying resources efficiently and inspiring our team to reach their potential. Her leadership is rooted in collaboration, innovation and a relentless pursuit of winning tenders for our clients.

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