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Megaprojects: Future Procurement Goldmines

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Megaprojects are usually construction or infrastructure related, generally cost £billions and can take years to complete. While megaprojects often spend decades in development, once work begins they can provide extremely lucrative contract opportunities to small and large companies alike.

Contracts range enormously in scope and value and can cover everything across professional services, catering, vehicle hire, marketing and more. One benefit of these projects spending years is development is that bidders can be well aware of what’s on the horizon. Read on and take a look at some megaprojects expected in the coming years.


HS2 is perhaps the largest, most well known and most controversial megaproject of current times. Such is it’s significance that we’ve written an entire blog dedicated to the project. Click here to read more.

Northern Powerhouse Rail

Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) is a proposed railway engineering project in the north of England. The project is intend to improve rail connections across the north, which has long been overlooked in favour of developments in London and the South East. The network will connect Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle and Hull and is designed to coordinate with the final phase of HS2. Formerly know as HS3, NPR has a budget of £19bn and is due to be completed between 2033 and 2040.

NPR will include upgrades to Manchester Piccadilly, Liverpool and Bradford stations. It will also include hundreds of miles of new track across the north. As such, the project has highly lucrative procurement potential. Like HS2, early contracts are likely to be split into four main areas including construction and corporate services. These contracts will cover a wide range of sub-sectors.

Although NPR is still in its planning stages, preparatory work will be beginning in the coming months and years so keep your eyes peeled for NPR contracts coming soon!

Scotland – Northern Island Bridge

Plans for a bridge connecting Britain to Ireland have been around for at least 130 years. Obviously, these have never come to fruition, but this megaproject has experienced new interest in recent years, due in part to Brexit. In February the government announced that work was underway to examine the feasibility and construction of a bridge linking Scotland to Northern Ireland. This bridge would run for roughly 20 miles across the Irish channel, and connect the west of Scotland to somewhere around Belfast.

This preparatory work includes a focus on funding; the project has an estimated budget of £15bn to £20bn. While it is uncertain still if the project will go ahead, it is at least a distinct possibility. Keep an eye out for developments in the news, and maybe future contract opportunities for you business.

Lower Thames Crossing

The Lower Thames Crossing is a planned road that runs beneath the River Thames. Located east of London, the road is intended to alleviate pressure on the Dartford crossing. The proposed road will be thirteen miles long in total with two tunnels (each a mile long and with three lanes) running under the Thames. Although the megaproject has been in development since 2009, it has gained further traction in recent years, with highways England announcing the intent to submit a planning application this summer.

If this application is approved, the road should be completed in 2027. Work is therefore likely to begin over the next few years. The connection will have a hefty price tag of £6.8bn although this figure doesn’t include associated upgrades to smaller local roads so the spend is likely to be even higher. The Highways Agency have a dedicated procurement portal, so keep checking to see when you can bid for work on the Lower Thames Crossing.

Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station

Sizewell C is a proposed nuclear power station in Suffolk. The site already contains two nuclear stations, Sizewell A and B, constructed in the 1960s and 1980s respectively. The French energy company EDF have intended to build Sizewell C with British and Chinese investment for much of the last decade. However, more recently, EDF have switched focus towards the proposed new power station at Hinkley Point instead.

Nevertheless, the Government have approved the site for construction. Reports from February indicate that EDF intend to submit a full planning application in early 2020. Work on the site is due to begin in 2021, with a budget of £16bn. Many construction, engineering, and maintenance contracts will become available, perhaps as early as late 2020. Sizewell C won’t be completed for several years, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get involved.

Bidding for Future Megaprojects

Megaprojects bring with them a wealth of opportunity for masses of companies. Preparing for the future is vital if you’re looking to win bids consistently and knowing what is coming is the first step. Prepare well, so when contracts do become available, you’re in the best position to bid.

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