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It can often be tempting to focus on individual bids at the expense of your overall process. Our bid consultancy service delivers the support, expertise and coaching you need to consistently win more tenders.

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Dave JonesOperations Manager

Why would you prepare whilst the clock is ticking?

Our bid consultancy team will show you how to take a proactive approach and utilise best practice before your next bid comes out.

Why win one bid when you can win multiple?

We won't just help you win one bid. Our bid consultants work with you to improve your bidding process as a whole.

Tailored Service - Every company is different

We conduct a full bid audit with every new client before offering bespoke recommendations on key areas for improvement.

Bid Readiness Review Service

Are you losing more bids than you’re winning?

Do you consistently fall at the same hurdle every time?

Our bid consultancy team will help you to fulfil your bidding potential.

Bid Review Audit Service

The temptation can always be to only look as far as the next bid in your pipeline without ever considering the wider aspects of your process and strategy.

It is optimal to prepare for tenders when there is no ticking clock. Our Bid Readiness Review therefore ensures that you are prepared for your next bid before it’s released.

The review is designed to help optimise your in-house bid processes as well as enhance the potential value that our outsourced bid management can offer.

One of our highly experienced bid professionals will attend your offices, meet your team and conduct a full audit of your bidding function before providing coaching and guidance on how and where to optimise. We will analyse:

      • How bids are qualified
      • How win strategies and solution strategies are agreed
      • How bids are planned from kick-off including responsibilities, tracking deliverables, requirements compliance, issues, risks and clarifications
      • How proposals, solutions, commercials and pricing are brought together
      • Using effective reviews to evaluate responses against buyer criteria

In addition we will look at your past bidding endeavours and outcomes, as well as any future potential bids to tell you where you may have gone wrong and how not to again.

We’ll then provide you with a detailed recommendations report on changes required to become a more effective bidding entity.

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  • It was so easy working with Bespoke as I only ever spoke to one person who I did not have to keep explaining again and again to. Unlike some of the other bid writing companies I have spoken to, they actually listened. There was no pre-set tender document that was tweaked, the whole process was very collaborative and fully reflected our company.

  • The support from Bespoke was fantastic. Their work was fast, accurate and professional in every way. Even when I couldn’t get the final bid submitted properly, the bid writer stayed to help me until 8:00 pm on a Friday night! I have no hesitation in recommending this company.

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