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Jack Bolton

How to Review

Whether you’re writing it yourself or have outsourced to us, reviewing your bid regularly and at certain key process stages is vitally important to assure quality.

This is a very quick blog on our own internal review stages, and what you should be looking out for.

Structure and Plan

Before any ‘writing’ takes place you should structure and plan your responses so you know exactly what you’re going to say. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to review your plans for the following:

  • Does the structure indicate that the question will be answered in full?
  • Is the Structure aligned to the requirements in the specification?
  • Given the word limits, is the structure realistic?
  • Does the structure include all the required supporting evidence for each point?
  • Are key differentiators and added value included?

First Drafts

Following your first draft stage, the responses should have taken good shape. Look out for the following during a first draft review:

  • Do responses answer the question?
  • Are responses compliant with bidding requirements?
  • Innovation and added value explained?
  • Sufficient supporting evidence included?
  • Are responses consistent with factual info etc?
  • All acronyms properly spelled out?
  • All sections are uniform (Formatting / Headings / Buyer Name / Terminology)?
  • Are responses close to word / character / page count?
  • Basic Spelling and Grammar Check (Detailed Check in Final Review)

Final Drafts

Once you’ve finished drafting and you’re almost ready to submit, your final draft review should check for:

  • Clearly Worded Responses?
  • Spellings / Grammar / Punctuation all perfect?
  • Consistency and Uniformity:
    Buyer Name
    Bidder (You Company) Name
  • Appendices and Citations Matching Throughout?
  • Visual Formatting (Colour / Subheadings / Use of White Space etc.)
  • All responses within word/character/page count?
  • Hyperlinks correct and uniform?
  • Table of contents correct?

If you need a hand with your bid review, or your bid consultant has been asked you to review what they have done, feel free to give us a call with any concerns or questions you may have.

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