Crown Commercial Service Clinical and Healthcare Staffing

  • Contract Type:
    National Framework
  • Contract Period:
    Up To 4 Years
  • Contract Value:
    £3.2bn Framework
  • Outcome:
    100% Success Rate

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) National Framework for the Provision of Clinical and Healthcare Staffing is an extremely popular contract each time it is up for renewal.

We have worked on this national, unlimited supplier contract over two renewals now, 2019 and 2023, both times representing multiple clients, so are well versed in how the process works and how to secure contracts.

In our experience, CCS bids are compliance-heavy so our challenge is to get a lot of detailed information from clients in the most efficient way possible, being aware that they have their day jobs to do too. An effective process is absolutely key.

The other challenge is the quality questions are detailed but the responses have to be completed within very short character counts, meaning that a concise, information-rich style of writing is needed to score the highest points.

Our objective for the contract was to make sure every client was successful but also that they were happy with how the process went. Key to our success were the following pillars:

Single Contact

Each client had an experienced Bid Manager as their single point of contact, providing regular, clear communications concerning project progress and actions.

Team Capability

The Bid Manager’s capability was enhanced by our experienced team of fully in-house experts, challenging every element of the bid. One of these experts is an ex-CCS evaluator.

Proven Process

Our ISO9001 accredited ‘4 stage review’ bid process was implemented on every project to ensure quality was assured throughout.

Removing Complexity

There are many, complicated bid documents. We broke the bid down into simple, manageable steps for our clients, communicating exactly what we needed to succeed.

Following the above process, we have a 100% success rate on this framework.

  • Excellent service

    Excellent service! Can’t fault anything and very efficient in what they do. They listen, implement and work extremely well with us. We have been using Bespoke bids for more than 5 years now. No regrets

    Owen Loftus — Director Individualised Care Ltd

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