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Bid Writing in the Security Industry

Jack Bolton
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Jack Bolton
Bid Writing in Security

Generally speaking, bid writing isn’t too different across the different industries. There are several question types which are broadly universal. In some specialist industries however, this generalisation is not quite so simple.

This blog continues our series looking at bid writing across different industries and sectors. From care to catering, we are looking at key areas to be aware of before embarking on your next bid project.

In this blog we will look specifically at bid writing in the security industry.



As with many industries – and not least with security given its nature – reputation is critical. The ability to evidence your good reputation to the buying authority will be very important. Conversely however, a poor reputation will seriously count against you.

Reputation can be lost, gained and maintained in a number of ways including:

  • Simple Word of Mouth.
  • Service Record.
  • Industry-Standard Accreditations, Certifications and Memberships.
  • Quality Assurance Guarantees and Warranties.
  • Testimonials, Case Studies and Verified Reviews (eg. Trust Pilot).
  • Social Value Initiatives.


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