Online Bid Training

Our online bid training courses are designed to help you bid more effectively and win more contracts.

Become Better at Bids

Our online training courses will provide you with a greater understanding of the techniques and tools required to manage each stage of the bidding cycle.

These online courses will build upon your fundamental strengths as a business and underpin your future bidding strategies.

Aligned to APMP (Association for Proposal Management Professional) best practice, the classes are laced with practical examples and opportunities to put your new skills into practice.

Designed for those who are increasingly undertaking bid work in their job roles and have had no basic training, these online courses will equip you with all the tools you need to become a more effective bid professional.Online Bid Training

You Will Learn...

  • How to choose the right opportunity
  • How to formulate win themes and bid strategy
  • How to choose which contracts to bid for
  • How to write compelling bids
  • Our top-tips and do’s and don’ts
  • Document design and formatting
  • What to do up to and after submission

    In the past we have tended to write all bids ourselves in-house, the help and guidance Bespoke Bids were able to provide was invaluable and I’m sure ultimately helped us to secure a positive outcome. We would highly recommend Bespoke Bids and would use them again for any future tendering opportunities.

Choose the modules to suit you...

Select from the core modules to design an online training course for your exact requirements.

  • 1

    What Is a Bid?

    • What is the difference between a tender, bid and proposal?
    • What is the 'Bid Lifecycle'?
    • How is a bid evaluated and scored?
  • 2

    Finding Tenders and Qualifying an Opportunity

    • Public vs private sector tenders: where to look for them.
    • Contracts-frameworks-DPS-auctions.
    • Compliance and pass/fail questions.
    • The bid/no bid decision.
  • 3

    Social Value

    • What is social value / CSR?
    • Why is social value important for my business?
    • Why does social value matter in bidding?
  • 4

    Pre-Bid Preparation

    • Developing a bid library and the bid-ready checklist.
    • Organising your bid team.
    • Policies-references-accreditations-insurances-staff profiles.
  • 5

    Case Studies

    • What are case studies and when do you use them?
    • What to consider/include when drafting a case study.
    • How to structure a case study and tailor it to the tender.
  • 6

    Creating a Win Strategy

    • How can you add value to your bid.
    • Developing win themes.
    • One size does not fit all bids.
  • 7

    Bid Planning

    • Bid planning and bid tools.
    • Tracking deliverables.
    • The importance of bid kick-off.
    • Customer communication.
  • 8

    Formatting & Design

    • The importance of visual presentation.
    • How to format a tender for online submission.
    • Utilising templates effectively.
  • 9

    Executive Summaries

    • When do you write an executive summary?
    • How to plan and structure an executive summary.
    • What to include and avoid in an executive summary.
  • 10

    Writing Techniques

    • The golden rules of writing bids.
    • Tone and style: active vs passive voice.
    • It’s all copy and paste, isn’t it?
    • Following instructions and providing evidence.
  • 11

    Planning Your Responses

    • How do you answer the quality questions?
    • Analysing the questions and planning your responses.
    • How to use the evaluation and scoring criteria.
  • 12

    Building and Refining Your Response

    • Information gathering.
    • Step-by-step approach to answering an example question.
    • Drafting and building your response.
    • Reviewing and proofing effectively.
  • 13

    Lessons Learnt

    • How and why to conduct internal wash-up reviews.
    • Analysing the scores and feedback.
    • Building an ongoing knowledge base.

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