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Recruitment tenders can be some of the most challenging to navigate. The sector-specific knowledge of our consultants, aligned with their thorough approach to the recruitment bid process, ensures our clients submit bids that are not only fully compliant but loaded with the industry-specific expertise that is proven to score highly within the recruitment sector.

We have recruitment bid experience in:

  • Healthcare
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Temporary Recruitment
  • Public Sector

    In the past we have tended to write all bids ourselves in-house, the help and guidance Bespoke Bids were able to provide was invaluable and I’m sure ultimately helped us to secure a positive outcome. We would highly recommend Bespoke Bids and would use them again for any future tendering opportunities.

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We have written and won many recruitment tenders, working with a multitude of recruitment companies, applying industry best-practice techniques to best position them for success across a variety of recruitment fields including healthcare, education, IT, marketing, business, management, finance, plus several niche areas in both the public and private sectors. We believe in total transparency with our clients and will bring to your attention any areas that your current provision may not score highly in. Knowledge of the potential shortfalls within a client’s proposal allow us to recommend mitigation strategies to navigate this complex process.

We have won recruitment tenders across a range of sectors, helping organisations recruit for part-time, full-time, permanent and temporary positions from a broad range of candidates including executives & professionals, graduates, long-term unemployed and the physically impaired.

We work extensively with our clients to improve their recruitment bidding procedures. Our experts will help you to understand the exact requirements, while obtaining the information needed to build strong responses.

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We have recently responded to tenders by:

Manchester City Council
Highways England
Swan Housing Group
Loughborough University

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