Construction Tenders

We have extensive experience in working with construction companies bidding for building tenders across a variety of sectors including education, housing and commercial.

Our clients range from small to medium businesses who, while having excellent word-of-mouth reputations, are moving into sectors where formal tendering is required; to larger companies who are used to formal procurement but may not be winning as much as they should via that route.

Construction tenders can often involve sub-contractors and our construction bids team are also adept at dealing with complex bids covering multiple suppliers.

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We have experience in:

  • Extensions
  • Refurbishments
  • Demolitions
  • Architecture
  • Planned & Reactive Maintenance

    We couldn’t have won this bid without Bespoke. They came up with a project plan, managed and improved all the contributions from the team, and maintained tight control over the entire bid management process to ensure we stuck to the plan.

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Companies new to the construction tendering process are often intimidated by the formal, impersonal nature of the process with its strict communication protocols and the mandatory, often pass/fail requirements of the questionnaires. Larger companies often fail on such aspects as not addressing the specification requirements but having a “one-size-fits-all” approach or responses that are disorganised and disjointed. We help them to understand the complex nature of construction bids, including the importance of detail and evidence, order and structure and the crucial importance of their solution matching the specification.

Time is an issue whatever the size of our client. They are often busy on live contracts and find it difficult to devote time or even people to the tender process. We help them to bridge that gap between wanting to develop their business and finding the time to do what is necessary for that growth.

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Highways England

Latest Construction Tenders

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Title Authorty Value Deadline
Construction and Ancillary Services Kirklees Council £70,000,000 28/06/2024

We have recently responded to tenders by:

Manchester City Council
Highways England
Swan Housing Group
Loughborough University

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