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Bid-Ready Checklist

Becoming bid-ready is vital to ensuring you have the best possible chance of success. To this end, we have compiled a short guide to help maximise your potential. 

Most bids will ask you to offer the following information. You should gather this as soon as you can.

Required Information
Economic and Financial Details
Most bids will ask for at least 2 years’ financial information. You can download your accounts from Companies House if necessary.

If you cannot provide the required financial information, you will need to explain why.

Health and Safety Policy
Evidence of your Health and Safety policy or procedure will usually be expected.
References and Contract Examples
Bids are often heavily weighted on experience. Match your case studies, references, and contract examples as closely as possible to the new contract.
Insurance Information
You will usually need to provide the following insurance details:

  • Public Liability.
  • Employers Liability.
  • Professional Indemnity.
The policies you will need include:

  • Equality and Diversity.
  • Environment and Sustainability.
  • Customer Services.
  • Quality Assurance.
Organisation Chart
Most bids ask for evidence of your management structure. An organisation chart is the best way to present this.
Certifications and Accreditation
You should gather all your certificates of accreditation as soon as possible. Good qualifications help evidence your credibility, quality and accountability.
Key Staff CVs
 You should gather CVs for all relevant staff. They should cover key skills, experience (with examples), qualifications and training.

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Updated on December 7, 2018

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