Pan-London Domiciliary Care AQP

Bid Writing


Our collaborative approach ensured that the client was kept up-to-date at all times and could offer tangible input on direction and content.


As an experience-led tender, we relied on our client and the skills of our consultants to ensure the final submission met every requirement.

Dedicated Consultant

Offering a dedicated consultant meant that a good working relationship could be built and maintained quickly, assuring quality and efficiency throughout the process.

Iterative Development

Our iterative drafting and review process ensures that the client gets regular views of their bid and that quality is guaranteed by experienced consultants before submission.

Calvary Care Ltd is a specialist domiciliary care agency providing home care services across London. Their dedicated, experienced and highly skilled team work tirelessly to ensure that all clients receive the domestic support they need, when they need it; empowering each Service User to live safely and comfortably in the place they know best.

Roseline Omo-Agege, Director at Calvary Care, had struggled with tendering in the past, so when the Pan-London Domiciliary Care AQP was released she enlisted our help, to take her bidding to the next level.

We worked with Roseline to structure each question and gather the relevant detail in order to answer them fully. We then underwent our rigorous drafting and review process which included several iterative rounds of improvement. Roseline was kept abreast of proceedings at all times and was able to have regular input into the direction and content of the bid.

The bid was heavily weighted towards experiential examples and we therefore had to work closely with Roseline and her team to ensure that the examples provided were as relevant and detailed as possible. We were then able to incorporate each example into a comprehensive, contract-winning response.

Thanks to Roseline’s excellent cooperation and the skills of our dedicated team of consultants, we were successful in all areas of the bid.

Happy client

Bespoke won it for Calvary care. We are truly grateful. You are the best!!!

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