Bid Consultancy
Renewable Energy
£5m+ over 18 months

Volume of information

The main challenge was analysing this complex 300-page tender document to identify the most salient points.

Comprehensive analysis

The large volume of information presented in this tender required input from a large team of different subject matter experts to ensure that all bases were covered prior to submission.

Perfectly presented

Our consultants ensured this bid was precisely structured to address the fragmented nature of the tender documentation.

Proactive approach

Our proactive approach ensured this bid was delivered within a very limited timeframe.

EDS Group offers High Voltage Turnkey solutions to the renewable energy sector. Their engineers and consultants are highly qualified experts in their field. They needed help to capture this expertise in order to submit a winning bid to a major UK Energy company. We secured the buy-in from all collaborators and gave guidance about the common themes that needed to feature in all aspects of the bid.

We oversaw contributions from more than 15 subject matter experts including health and safety, testing, commissioning, etc. We provided telephone, email and live chat support and were on hand to offer advice and answer questions whenever any member of the team needed us. We chaired regular conference calls (three per week) to check progress, identify challenges and offered coaching throughout. We gave feedback on all written submissions and worked on drafts with the authors to revise them to a consistent style and standard throughout the bid.

The bid was successful.

Happy client

We couldn’t have won this bid without Bespoke. They came up with a project plan, managed and improved all the contributions from the team, and maintained tight control over the entire bid management process to ensure we stuck to the plan.

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